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3D Fashion Design with Clo3D, 3D sleeves dress

Today a digital fashion design post with a video, that you will find at the end, where you can watch the creation of a dress that I have designed using the fashion design software Clo3D.

It is a printed mini dress with sleeves in relief. The flowers of the sleeves are made with silk ribbons sewn creating the 3D effect. The technique is inspired by the typical costumes of the "Boteiros", an ancestral figure of the Carnival or Entroido of my hometown, Viana do Bolo (Galicia, Spain), who wears shirts on which more than 1.000 meters of curly silk ribbons are sewn to form colourful patterns.

The body of the dress is from printed silk, with an animal motif to which I have added an abstract and pop touch for giving it a strong, cheerful and colourful character.

In the video, you can see the print, created with Procreate and edited with Photoshop, the sketch, that I also designed with Procreate and the design of the 3D dress with Clo3D.

For the total look, I added a pair of pearl trimmed leather boots that I designed with Rhinoceros 3D, and for the final render, I added an Adobe Stock background to the render.

I hope you like the process and the result :)


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