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Digital Fashion and Cost-Effectiveness

Improve sustainability, efficiency and profitability are challenges and objectives to be achieved in the fashion industry and in general within any Company and Sector.

Today I want to show you how 3D Design and Digital Fashion can help you to save costs in the design and sample creation process.

The production of physical samples is necessary, without any doubt. But digital production is more efficient in terms of the time needed to develop it (a ratio 1: 3 or 1: 4) and it is also more flexible in terms of "last time" changes and modifications.

Creating digital lookbooks and digital showrooms with digital products help us to improve timing and cost-effectiveness. But also to be more sustainable, because we produce only that what is essential.

So that you can figure out the difference between the cost of physical apparel samples production and a digital one, in which you will obtain 3D renders with photorealistic pictures of your products, I have created the StudioLoBe Calculator.

Here you can see a demo video with a simulation:

I hope you love the figures and 3D Fashion Design become your new business partner ;)


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