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Digital Fashion, Digitalax and Blockchain

In today's post, I want to talk about the digital fashion design project in which I have collaborated with DIGITALAX, the first digital fashion NFT engine built on the Ethereum network.

It is an innovative project focused on fashion that, in their own words, "is bringing new industry standards around digital goods, Open Digital Licenses, digital supply chain automation and addressing core problems around NFT liquidity and stability".

At the end of the post, you will find a link to their website to find out more about the project, quite interesting, and some more info about NFT, Ethereum, etc. just if you feel it was all Greek to you as it happened to me. 😉

For the first DIGITALAX's auction, "The Crypto Essentials", the mood was to design a purse based on the CryptoKitties, one of the world's first Blockchain games, and to do it by creating a stylish and premium digital product and, of course, keeping their essence.

Working with the CryptoKitties has been fun and inspiring as they are super adorable and cute characters.

To combine the elegant and premium vision while highlighting the chosen characters, Kitty #708583 and Lola #2, I decided to design a Tote Bag with simple lines, giving importance to the kitties through the prints and adding the premium touch with the materials and techniques. And so "The Puurse" with Kitty #708583 and "The Puurse v2" with Lola #2 were born.

"The Puurse" is a chic accessory made from embossed black leather and "The Puurse v2" is a funny handbag with colourful kitty printed faux fur and contrast leather details.

It might seem odd to give so much importance to the physical value of materials or techniques for creating digital products. When thinking of a digital product we can have the focus of something exclusively related to fantasy, but as a designer, I feel that digital is also a reflection of our physical identity. We love some digital goods because they represent us and we would value them and love to have them in the physical world.

Whether fashion is a way of self-expression, digital fashion will be the way to express our "meta-identity", the digital reflection or our physical identity.

"The Puurse" and "The Puurse v2" are ERC721 tokens and the buyer will get 3 X PNG renders different views, FBX file, GIF, Child NFT.

The auction is already live for a few days so... Don't miss it! 🙃

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