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3D Footwear: $WHALE Community, Digitalax & Rudolph Sandals

When Digitalax proposed to me to create a design for one of the NFTs that the $WHALE Community was going to raffle for the 12 days Christmas giveaway, as a digital fashion designer it seemed like a gift to me.

Match Christmas, a Reindeer and the 3D Shoe Design. A challenging mood and thousands of ideas floating in my head...

But from the beginning, I had clear the idea to design a pair of digital shoes that kept the essence of the mood while being fun and elegant. With the party and glamour "allure" of the great Christmas' decorations. A "virtual first lady" footwear, a 3D sandals worthy of walking through the White House... or its metaverse 🪐.

And the "Rudolph Sandals" were born. A pair of digital mule sandals with gold reindeer head heel shape and antlers shaped counter in red satin.

The heel, inspired by reindeer Christmas cookie moulds, has green crystals inlaid with $WHALE Community logo. The upper is shaped with a reindeer antler figure, and both it and the straps are in of Christmas red satin, with contrasting pine green insole. And of course the golden logo of the special edition "Lorena Bello x $WHALE Community" could not be missing.

I hope the lucky winner enjoys them. They will make wonderful any digital wardrobe and also come with 5 tickets to the VIP room (sponsored by Digitalax) of the biggest New Year's Digital Event, the Virtual Concert Revolution of Celebration, host by Amanda Cerny and where world-renowned artists such as Farina and Tossi will perform. And that, by the way, great things will be on it, I will tell you about soon. 😉

Rudolph Sandals for The Whale Community


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