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Virtual Fashion, the post-pandemic fashion future

How will be the future of fashion? How will consumers behave? And brands? Will we put "fast fashion" aside returning to "slow fashion" as Giorgio Armani said recently? What is certain is that COVID-19 will mark a before and after in the business of fashion. A new horizon to put aside the past and embrace the future.

I wrote these words a few months ago when the shadow of the pandemic did not seem so long as it is

Today, seeing how big luxury brands like Hugo Boss or Burberry are embracing digital fashion as part of their present, it is clear that Virtual Fashion and 3D Design are an inexorable part of the present of fashion.

Beyond sportswear, much more innovative in the implementation of 3D fashion design, in the last months, we have seen the proliferation of virtual fashion catwalks, cheered for their innovation, and virtual showrooms, born of the impossibility of travelling. But also, how B2B sales are using catalogues full of a wide variety of products designed in 3D, and how more fashion brands choose to offer an online pre-sale showing 3D Renderings of apparel and accessories that will only materialize once sold.

New ways of working and selling that make us more agile, sustainable and cost-efficient.

And you... what do you think about it? Have you already decided to embrace 3D fashion design to boost and improve your design and production processes?

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